From PinkBike: I’m choking on dust, the sun sears through the building cloud of dirt particles thrown into the air by Alex Stock’s rear wheel. 4 hours ago I was walking bleary eyed into a small airport in the north of England through driving 5-degree rain. It was time for a change. The desolate grip of winter was getting to me, as it does to a lot of us, short days, little chance to get out and ride, cold, grey etc etc. The lack of vitamin D really starts to kick in, having snow to charge through is a great medicine for this vitamin-based depression, but it’s lacking in the small village I reside in, in the countryside of northern England. Even if you’re lucky enough to live with snow-covered mountains protruding out your back door, by April I know the long winter is even wearing thin on you. The urge to have sun beating down on your back and dusty trails falling away beneath your wheels run riot in your dreams. Go on, tell me I’m wrong! Read more