The location for the race was Gothenburg, Sweden, located on the west coast, the trails and tracks offered are not the longest, but the race organizers managed to really do the best of the short hill they had. The race was held over six stages which had a bit off everything I think, stages one and four where a bit to flat and had some hard pedals in them, while stages two, three, five and six where proper enduro stages, with some really good descents and technical parts.
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Saturday started and all riders were able to practice the full course, I did one full lap with a lot of stops just to make sure I’d done all stages. I really enjoyed practice, and I couldn’t wait for Sunday to come.[media-credit name=”” align=”alignnone” width=”576″]2B9A6785[/media-credit]

Sunday arrived and race day was here, I left the race venue at 11:30 for the transfer to the first stage and rode steady up to the start! Stage one went good, it was a really short stage with zero room for error, stages two and three went really well, I made a small mistake on stage four which cost me some time, although stages five and six went good as well, and I was pretty excited to head back to the finish.
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In previous races I’ve been feeling like I haven’t yet cracked the “Enduro Code” so I wasn’t really expecting anything, never the less I checked in and realised I had smashed the previous fastest time by over 10 seconds! It was just such a relief to finally manage to win a enduro race straight up, I won five out of six stages, I was second on stage four where I made some stalls so I knew I could have had that as well![media-credit name=”” align=”alignnone” width=”562″]2B9A8407-1[/media-credit]

My next race up is the third round of the Swedish series in Stockholm, which kind of is my home race, so i’m feeling pretty positive for that one!