I couldn’t be more excited for this race. It meant more than just the start of the cx season. For me, I was going to get to show all of the CX community my new home town and how awesome it was. Well, really, the race was going to show everyone how awesome my home town was and how supportive the cycling community in Roanoke is, I was just looking forward to putting on a good show, specifically bringing home a win. 

I’ll let the vlog show you guys the race.

Becca had a solid weekend as well finishing 2nd on Saturday (tying up the interteam competition) and, unfortunately, was taken out of Sunday’s race with a concussion. She was looking strong, leading the race, prior to the crash and has been recovering well. She is looking forward to getting back out there this weekend in Rochester!

Needless, to say I was extremely unhappy to miss out on a W on the home track but it was a special weekend regardless. I was able to race, literally, 1 mile from my front door, surrounded by new/old friends, an awesome community, and lots of good vibes that I will carry with me through the next 5 weekends on the road and the rest of the season. 

If y’all are interested in a bit more in-depth race analysis I put together a race recap video, showing my experience and race perspective from behind my handle bars. I go through what was going through my head before, during, and after, and what to look forward to in the upcoming races.