Stage 2 of the Alpen Tour was a 15 km, 1100 M vertical time trial up the ski hill here in Schladming Austria. It would’ve been a great day to be skiing down the hill, to be riding up there in spandex and bare skin was about as logical as having a soccer match on a skating rink. Riding to the race my teammate Kris Sneddon made the comment “Apparently we haven’t smartened up much in life if were still flying 1/2 way around the world to freeze our asses off riding bikes up snowstorm engulfed mountains.” The rain we started in at the bottom of the mountain quickly turned into heavy snow as we headed skyward towards the heavens. The once muddy track, turned into an unrideable sloshy mess of snow ice and mud. We went from bike racers to mud runners in a matter of metres. More Here