Compiled by Josh Rizzo @the_nxrth // Cover Graphic by Henry Cruickshank @cows_in_cars

Dogs are the most excited trail ripping companions you can have. Regardless of the weather, distance, and terrain, they’re always up for type 2 fun and that’s what makes them such good friends. Today I take you on a tour all over the world to introduce you to the trail dogs of Kona Ambassadors.

Jacob Mullen//Prince George BC

Dog: Yuki – Coon hound, lab, shepherd cross

Yuki likes to adventure everywhere from biking to skiing. She is a ball of energy that loves to run around in the forest. Some of her favourite pastimes are barking at squirrels and eating sticks.

Her favourite trail is riding Otter Alley in the Pidherny network.

Photo credit//Justin Olsen

Becky Gardner, Salida, Colorado

Dog: Twocaps, 11 years old, Super Mutt (Pit, Wolf, Husky, Malamute, Shepard mix)

For the past decade, Twocaps has been my best friend and right-hand pal on all my adventures. Some of our adventures include trail rides, raft trips, ski trips, SUPing whitewater, countless road trips, work trips, college…. you name it Twocaps has been there. From skiing couloirs in Colorado to ripping loamers in British Columbia, Twocaps is my Go-To Gal for any adventure.

Photo credit//Erin Brockett

Don Brockett, Pacific Northwest

Dog: Bridger, Bernese Mountain Dog

Bridger was a super high-energy puppy for his breed and joined me on most of the shorter or cooler rides around the PNW, as you can guess by the fluffiness he tended to overheat.  These days he enjoys shorter, slower rides, or anything involving snow, but will always join me on any of our riding or racing trips.

Kailey Kornhauser, Corvallis, Oregon

Dog: Kolo, Jack Russell Terrier


Kolo’s not your typical “trail dog.” He is mostly blind and pretty deaf so we serve as his eyes and ears on the trail, but he loves getting out in the forest to smell all the smells.

Photo credit//Kailey Kornhauser

Florian Grohens, France

Dog: Mistral, dutch water spaniel


Mistral is a crazy Mountain bike lover, I even have no time to put on my MTB Jersey as the dog is already becoming crazy! During a ride when I say, “Mistral go to your place”, he goes directly to my derailleur! 


Photo: ​​@flowgroh

Kathryn Dove, Snoqualmie, WA

Dog: Zeb, Great Pyrenees Collie mix


Zeb is a big dog who thinks he’s a small dog.  He goes on short bike rides with my husband Jackson and I when the weather isn’t too hot and he loves to join for trail work especially if there are other dogs to run around with in the woods.  His favorite trails are the steep ones since he loves to go straight down the hill!

Photo: Jackson Dove

Matty Harris, Squamish BC.

Dogs: Begbie (black and tan paint job). 6 years old, Australian Kelpie

Wren (full black paint job). 2.5 years old, Tawianese street dog.

Riding with dogs is the absolute best. Always pumped to join no matter the weather. Begbie is a trail dog thru and thru and will be salty with me if I can’t take him on the ride. Wren is joining the party late as a rescue, but loves chasing her brother and digging all the dead stumps she sees on our rides. The forest is where they are most at home.

Jo Peters, Squamish BC

Dog: Zoe , Blue Heeler x lab 


Zoe loves to shred trails at her own pace (which is much faster than I ) and this is her waiting for me to catch up. She takes cut lines and short cuts, up and over features, nothing is in her way. She has always been around on the trail but I never see her for long. More technical the better for this girl.

Photo: @jtiezy

Jon and Kate Strom, Lexington, KY

Dog: Stevie – 100% dog flavored dog

When we adopted Stevie from our local humane society, we were looking for a pup that could run with us on the trail and be comfortable at the trailhead or local watering hole afterward.  After some dedicated work, lots of practice, and a little innovation (get a bell for your trail dog!), she’s a terrific and trustworthy trail dog.  If we leave the house with bikes and don’t grab her jingle bell, she holds a grudge for quite some time.

Photo: Courage Media

Ruby Woodruff, Mount Seymour, B.C.

Dogs: Tsuga, 3/4 Blue Heeler 1/4 Boxer and Lola, Northern BC mix

Two Generations of Riders and Four generations of Dogs. You never ride alone when your four-legged friends are out there doing their favourite thing in the world too!

Photo: @rubywood