Hello! We know many of you—literally hundreds of you—applied to the 2021 Kona Ambassador program. While we’d hoped to be able to announce the new members to the team by the end of 2020, we were so inundated with applications that it’s taking us longer than anticipated. Many of you have emailed, slid into our DMs or found other creative ways of asking us when the announcement would be made. At this point we’re looking at a mid January before we have everyone vetted and the announcement made.

Everyone that applied should have received an email confirmation saying that we received your application and we would notify those selected in a few months. That still stands, but we want to read every word of every application and that takes many many weeks of time to give them all the attention they deserve. We are asking for you to please continue to be patient with us. We are as eager to get going with the 2021 program as you are.

Thanks and be well this holiday sesaon!