Amira Mellor on World Cup Hoogerheide and the 2017 World Champs in Luxembourg

The final round of the UCI World Cup Hoogerheide, Holland, one week before the World Championships in Bieles, Luxembourg. The traditional event ran on a very similar course, including the huge stairway before the finish. One difference this year though was the freezing conditions that made for treacherous conditions, which were changing every lap.

Amira and Helen - Hoogerheide - Bart Raeymaekers

Being the last race before the World Championships, there was a huge entry of 74 riders, made up of both elite and U23 riders. With Amira being gridded on the 7th row, the start was guaranteed to be hectic, but a solid first half lap put her into 30th pace. Progress in the group continued until a mid race crash took her back a few groups. After the race, Amira looked back to see the bright side:

Amira - HoogerheideHoogerheide - Fabienne Vanheste 16

“I’m pleased with my form and condition, but not totally with the result on paper. I knew I was a capable of a better position without the crash. When I look back at the race and see how many riders had crashes, the most important thing is that I’m in one piece headed into the Worlds this coming weekend.  Despite the crash I was 13th u23 rider, which gives me a huge amount of confidence a much bigger result could be on the cards in Luxembourg.” – Amira Mellor

TORNANTI_CC-UCI-CXWC-2017-BIELES-20170128-132905-IMG_0313 copy

Moving on to the World Champs in Luxembourg was a big unknown with a new course and weather that put Amira into an icy race. Despite a good start, and a solid couple of laps where progress through the field was made, a series of slips and minor crashes in the last two laps took Amira back from 17th to 31st.

“I can’t take any satisfaction out the result today, it’s literally just a case of putting it in a box, and moving forward. I know I had better form than that, but the course got the better of me. It’s something I’m determined will never happen again, and I’m going to work harder than ever to ensure next year, I’m not only back at the World Champs, but delivering a result I know I’m capable of.” – Amira Mellor

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