By Ambassador Laura Killingbeck

After Kona Ambassador James J. Joiner visited my tiny house to record an episode for the Kona Cogcast, we chatted about bike adventures and sustainability.

When I mentioned that I wanted to get Enigma (my Kona Sutra ULTD) fit at a shop, he said he knew just the place:  Analog Cycles in Vermont. 

Analog Cycles sells and fits Kona bikes. They also offer a powerful perspective on how people can choose and maintain bike parts to last a life cycle. 

Later that year, Enigma and I took a field trip to this special bike shop. Read the full essay at: Analog Cycles.

Here’s a sneak peek.

“As I pedal, I let my thoughts slip and slide, and I often find myself musing on the nature of reality. Humans have created so many clever things: airplanes, socks, toasters, toothpicks, bicycles. The bike I’m riding is made from steel that was mined from the innards of the earth. With every pedal stroke, I push pieces of plastic made from crude oil, a liquid formed from the bodies of multi-billion-year-old organisms. When you consider where all this stuff comes from, it breaks open the brain.”