I got into Sedona last night and headed straight for The Sedona Bike & Bean – a rad shop that rents a quiver of Kona mountain bikes, serves up delicious coffee, and shares trail beta with out-of-towners over a cold beer. The guys at the shop took advantage of having a bunch of ladies in town for the Beti All Ride Clinic and hosted a Ladies Night at the shop. We drank beer, took shots of tequila, shared stories, and talked about the awesome weekend to come. If you ever get out to Sedona to shred red rock in the sunshine – be sure to pop by the Bike & Bean and make yourself some new friends.

Then today all of us coaches are scoping out the trails and fine-tuning our lesson plans for the weekend. These trails are incredible and perfect for the mega-progression-session to come. I’m so glad I have my Process 111 Deluxe – I can’t think of a more perfect bike for playing on these techy trails!