With my Hei Hei all built up, tested, and ready to show what it’s got, there could not have been a better time for another Socially Distanced Stage Race!

We headed to Douthat State Park for Stage 2 of 5 of the all MTB stage race put on by Roa-Stoked. This iteration features new areas from the last stage race (details on the last one here) and enduro segments! So it’s gonna be spicy! Douthat turned out to be a blast. It held rad ridgeline trails, great views, and ripping fast descents.

From Douthat we packed up and headed closer to Roanoke for the Arcadia Stage (stage 4). Parking in the woods is so nice and waking up to the sound of a creek trickling by is a treat.

It was 4th of July so we celebrated with a red, white, and blue breakfast.

We got out early to beat the heat and were treated with freshly trimmed trails, with some really long descents, which were honestly earned (6-mile climb out of the car!)

It was a super fast stage. Sub 1.5 hrs for me. Emily suffered a flat so it looks like we will be back for round two. I may bring my Process 153 and see if I can’t up my enduro times!
A quick raspberry picking session for post stage recovery…

Unlike the last stage race where we did it all in traditional stage race style we had to split this one up. Emily and I bought a house in Roanoke, VA and our closing date is swiftly approaching but we have done zero packing yet! So we smashed these two stages quickly and hit the road for home to throw some stuff in boxes. We move in July 13 and will finish the remaining stages after we get somewhat settled. Stay tuned!