From Rocketair Slopestyle: Winner of the Rocket Air Slopestyle 2012 is Martin Söderström. Söderström made amends for 2011 and was just able to edge out last years winner Sam Pilgrim to take the crown. Martin laid down a run with heavy trick combos like a Barspin to tailwhip or 360 double whip. Not that Sam was out of his element, Sam smashed some big 720s and Frontflips to stay well in the contest. But the 22 year old Martin just managed to keep his nose in front impressing to judges to take the title! Third after Söderström and Pilgrim was the young Frenchman Antoine Bizet, using his impressive flip combinations he was able to capture the judges’ attention.

Rocket Air 2012, what an event! It ended on Saturday evening with a Big Bang. A spectacular contest final taking 15 of the worlds best riders from 7 countries, and letting them entertain a completely crowded (maybe just slight overpacked) Ice skating rink in Thun. The spectators braved unseasonably cold weather to witness flip and trick combos that were not even thought possible last year.

Event video coming soon

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