The 11th edition of Red Bull Rampage is going down in Virgin, Utah next Friday, October 14th, and Kona Gravity rider Antoine Bizet is on site getting his line prepped. The desert spectacle has been freshened up with a new event location and some different guidelines for riders. caught up with Antoine today as he began to test his new line.

Kona: How’s the body? You’ve come off a few injuries recently, is everything 100% leading into Rampage?

Antoine: Last year’s Rampage injury took so long to recover from, after breaking my left humerus I got back on my bike eight months later. I competed in slopestyle events in June and July and then crashed hard riding DH in Chatel and broke my collarbone, that meant six more weeks off the bike. I had some pretty good riding in September, and I am 100% for Rampage. I wouldn’t show up here if I wasn’t!

Kona: There are lots of changes this year for Rampage. How are they working out for you?

Antoine: All these changes seemed real good on paper, and after being here for a week I can confirm they are working out well: fewer riders gives us more room, and fewer diggers make the lines more freeride. We just team up with others if we really want to build big things. It’s more respectful of the mountain too (even if we dig super hard it’s a good way to limit construction). There are way less people on site compared to last years event, the atmosphere is better and the mandatory rest day was awesome!

Kona: What’s the general vibe amongst competitors?

Antoine: I feel the vibe amongst competitors is real good – everyone built their own line first, and the last thing we have to dig now are the top ridges. A lot of us share lines up there. We have all talked a lot together about their ridges and respect each other’s choices, knowing our riding styles are different. Tommy Genon and I share the same ridge, but we don’t trick the same things on the line, so its an interesting contrast.

Kona: Can you share anything about your line with us?

Antoine: I love my line, it has a lot of flow and is fast top to bottom almost, there are very original stunts in it and I’m very stoked on it. I have a beautiful jump at the bottom to finish my line the best way possible.

Kona: And have you decided what bike you’ll be riding. 27.5 or 26 Operator?

Antoine: I’m riding the 26 Operator, for the first time in large size though! I feel super good on this bike and I’m confident to have a good 2016 Rampage on it. Be ready to watch our runs on Friday 14th!

I would like to finish this by saying thank you to Kona for the support during all these years and to my other sponsors as well: Ion clothing, Kali Protectives, Adidas Eyewear and HT components.

Follow along with Antoine’s build progress on his Instagram, and on the Kona Bikes Instagram, and tune in on Red Bull TV this Friday, October 14th.