We at De Fietskoerier (which is dutch for ‘the bicycle messenger’) in Antwerp, Belgium, do about 20.000 kms each year on our bikes, in all kind of conditions and on all kind of roads. The Paddy Wagon’s we use to do our work are perfect for this; they are light enough, strong, fast, comfortable and easy to maintain. And they look quite nice as well… Often people ask us what kind of bike it is we are riding, and give compliments. Our latest bike is a Ute, which we have because sometimes our clients ask us to transport big and heavy stuff. And you can transport a lot of things with that bike. It’s also possible to ride it at a decent speed, or at least when it’s not charged too heavily… The brakes are super, fortunately, so you don’t have to be scared of crashing into a car or something when you’re racing fully loaded.

One thing we are going to change is the handlebar, because the riding position is now way too relaxed for us, wich is a very good thing when you are shopping or moving or anything, but not when you have to deliver packages on a tight time schedule. Thanks for the sweet delivery bikes Kona!

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