“I’m writing this in in my tent. It’s six o’clock in the evening, the sun has just set and I’ve downed my last coconut biscuit washed down with Himalayan chilled water from a nearby stream, it might be a simple meal but at this moment I couldn’t think of a better restaurant in the world. This time of the day is my favourite – saying goodbye to the mountains for another night as I watch the pink crystal peaks disappear, I zip up my sleeping bag to begin writing my diary.

After riding for almost five weeks across West Bengal & Sikkim in Himalayan India I end up face to face with the third highest peak on the planet, Mt Kangchenjunga. As if that wasn’t enough, North East India threw up some of the craziest clues to Shambhala I could have hoped for.

Two days buried 30 meters below a monastery in a valley on the Chinese border looking for clues that were stashed in to cracks and crevices in the 8th century was exhilarating – I was so excited to be here, looking for real tangible clues, physical proof of this mythical kingdom which dare I say it, is becoming something of an obsession.”

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