By Ambassador Tim Wiggins

There are numerous reasons why we should reduce our use of motor vehicles: the negative effects on the planet, our health, and our wallets are just a few. I have never owned a car, but still frequently use cars for work and leisure; either borrowing them from friends or family or hiring them abroad. Being without a car is not the easiest choice and can present many practical dilemmas, however with a little prior planning and the right kit it can be accomplished – and the feeling is great!  

Last month, I took delivery of a new tool to make the ‘car-free lifestyle’ that bit easier – the 2022 Kona Dr Dew. This robust and agile urban bike is my answer to making everyday errands and heavy load-lugging that bit easier – a bike that you can grab from the garage and know it will always be a capable companion in everyday activities.

The Build – Kona Dr Dew

The Kona Dr Dew is from the Urban range of bikes. It is a flat-bar hybrid style bike, but with a heavy influence from Kona’s mountain biking heritage.

The mountain bike genes are evident firstly with the tyres. Unlike most hybrid bikes that come with 700c wheels, the Dr Dew comes with 650b wheels and 47c slick WTB tyres. The extra stability, cushioning and control supplied by these higher volume tyres allows for better load-lugging capabilities and the smaller wheels add to the agility and feel of the ride.

Next up is the gearing, which takes the form of Shimano Deore 12 speed. Again, this is a mountain bike influence, and a mountain bike groupset; the extra range offered by the large 12-speed cassette makes the Dr Dew far more capable of taking on the Isle of Wight hills, even when fully loaded with luggage and errand bags.

Respectably wide flat bars, good grips, and a comfortable WTB saddle then help to make the seated position on the Kona Dr Dew feel stable and in control. Meanwhile, the full-length metal mudguards help to fend off road spray and puddle splashes as you take on all-weather trips and occasional off-road sections.

I have fitted my Kona Dr Dew with a rear rack and panniers for extra load-lugging capabilities, as well as daytime running lights for added safety. 

As a complete build, the Kona Dr Dew excels as a go-anywhere, carry-anything urban bike for daily commutes, shopping runs, and social visits.

The Dr Dew Lifestyle

The Dutch side of my family will attest that a bicycle is as much a utilitarian asset as it is a performance machine. Certainly, the number of town bikes that you see pedalling the streets of Utrecht and Amsterdam is mind-blowing.

 However, for the hillier domain of the Isle of Wight, a six-gear town bike just doesn’t hack it as a utilitarian vehicle for everyday life; neither does a single-speed or a bodged together spares bin bike.

No, if you want to do the car-free lifestyle with ease and comfort, a bike like the Kona Dr Dew makes a phenomenal difference. Grab it from the garage, and you can be effortlessly hauling panniers full of shopping up and down the hills… well, effortlessly might be an exaggeration… but let’s call it weight training.


Happy Life In The Saddle!