By Ambassador Johannes Seehuber

With the thoughts of the increasing covid cases could cause another lockdown and an early season-end for our local   i decided to spend my first free morning there. Mostly I do all the photos on my own with my self triggered camera setup. This is really time consuming and complicated. In some situations nearly impossible or sktechy.

Especially for jumps and tricks.

Luckily my friend Fex made the last minute decicion to join me on this morning.

Fex is not only my best man but also a professional photographer. Since years we spendt time together doing bike photoshoots and rides. When we are on the move for photos there ist mostly a certain spot or a specific idea to realize.

With the exception of my wedding photos this was our first photo mission this year, very spontaneous and nothing planned. This time we just followed the light situations and what we wanted to do. I enjoyed the simplicity of my job this day. Just ride, hike, ride, hike whenever Fex has found a good angle and setup his flash.

After a good 3 hours of shooting in the morning mood, sunlight and beautiful autumn conditions we were very exhausted-Fex from carrying his heavy photo backpack around, and myself from hiking and riding.

We called it a day… for me the job was done and Fex let the magic happen in post production.

Enjoy the results!

Photos by Felix Pilgram

Also thanks to the girls and boys from Bikepark Samerberg for the permisson to start before opening hours