By Ambassador Johannes Seehuber

My summer was full of busy workdays, appointments like weddings, and birthdays on the weekends. Mountainbiking came up short, I spent too much time with road bike group rides and wet and muddy trails ensured that my motivation has sunk somewhat, to be honest. Like every year I kind of forgot how good autumn can be, until the really golden days arrive. The last October weeks gave us the best conditions on the home trails this season.

Completely dry trails, golden light, and incredibly beautiful and colorful landscapes.

Admittedly, I tried to soak up every minute of riding and get as much out of my free time on the bike the first few days, but I waited until the very last weekend with a good weather forecast to bring my camera to the trails.

All trails are covered with fallen leaves in every color, the light shines through the trees and blinds you after each change of direction. You can only feel the ground, not see it. Which makes riding somehow faster and you worry less about bumps.

It is surfing in dust and leaves and it is slippery at first, but the tires still bring you back on track when they break through the loose surface and find some dirt underneath.

Even in October riding makes you sweat on the steep Bavarian Mountains.

The golden Process X decals merge with the landscapes.

To top up these nice rides on the home trails my riding buddies and I decided to go on a little bike park Sunday trip.

Bikepark Gaiskopf was our destination. A freshly build chairlift brings you comfortably to the top.

There are a variety of options there, a well-known flow trail, fresh natural enduro tracks, freeride and Northshore trails, rocky sections and jumps at the bottom.

We tried to ride every trail on the mountain, and we repeated our favourites as often as the opening hours allowed.

A perfect day with lots of riding, fun, and laughs on every party train or in the queue at the lift.

The last weeks somehow saved my mountain bike season, brought back a big motivation for more of this. My mind is satisfied and when I think back to every single ride in the last weeks there was some sort of a progression.

Now that the time was changed to wintertime, days are pretty short and it already started to rain. It is time to make some offseason plans.

But one thing is sure…

Autumn stoked my enduro fire!


Ambassador Johannes Seehuber