team They’re riding Kona Units, they’re insane, and they’re about to set out on a seriously frigid Russian adventure. This comes from our friends from the Cycle Baikal Winter Circumnavigation.

We arrived intact with all the gear and are now here in Irkutsk finishing up the final preparations for our Baikal tour which begins tomorrow. Everything is going very well, and the moral of the team is high. We have had fantastic luck creating interest in our trip and many local organizations will be working with us to help maximimize media presence and advertising potential for sponsors, ecological conservation, and the development of local tourism industry. Temperatures are cold, about -25 C. According to MCHZ, National Russian Rescue Service, the ice is in great shape this year, and we should have good conditions for our trip. Check out our site to see some of the latest developments and follow our progress: We will be updating the site as we go and hopefully sending photos along with text.