By Yannik Roth

Even if we all enjoy the wet sloppy dirty hills right now, sometimes we all dream about prime, late spring time.

Number two of BÄM basicly started after a random meeting in the bike shop this spring. The harvest of that: There was a high-quality clip to be made with straigt forward action. The surroundings were perfect arround Freiburg with a day in the Bikepark Todtnau.
There was no plan A or script except for riding the big bike, being thankfully accommodated by friends overnight and looking for chances and moments.

Nature was diligent spreading up to being saturated at the Roßkopf peak but slow and gentle growing in the deeper and higher part of the Black Forrest at Germany’s oldest Bikepark.
The weather was widly diverse and ranged from misty rainclouds creeping throw the trees to rushing clouds covering the bright sun in the mostly blue sky.

As magic would have it, there is no cable cam or drone used in this video.

After three days, a lot of good effort and some sore feet there was enough raw footage to be made into something. The result meets the headline and goes, BÄM, into the stoke area from the brain of the disposed viewer!

Thanks to all the supporters, especially Zweirad Eicker Karlsruhe, Kona Bikes, Mountainbike Freiburg e.V. and Bikepark Todtnau