wicknasty_dist3It took me a few extra cups of coffee to get things rolling this morning. I tried to get up earlier when Sarah was going to work, but quickly retreated back up stairs and fell in to bed with early morning singletrack dreams and naked-at-school type anxiety dreams about forgetting my shoes or tires. Racing Mt Bikes gets into your head and stays put. I just returned from the Test of Endurance up in my hometown in Oregon this past weekend and my neck hurts, my legs hurt and my nuts hurt and I couldn’t be happier.

The Caveman talked me into making the trip in order to be a guest rider on his “Team S+M Spencer Sean Wicks Explosion featuring Jeremiah and Brandon” squad, and with a name like that how could I refuse? Donning my old Team S+M jersey and racing in my old stomping grounds was rad and nostalgic, and reminded me why I love racing bikes around in circles in the dirt.

Luckily this race was two rather large 25 mile circles full of fire roads climbs and ripping loamy best-of-Oregon type singletrack descents, and being the summer solstice Oregon did me proud with frequent passing rain showers keeping us cool and the trails slippery and delicious. After about an hour and half of frolicking in the fresh goods, The fat kid on the rigid singlespeed and I broke away from the rest of the pack and we murdered each other up and down all day laughing and realizing that this was what MTB racing should be. Until he passed me at the end and made me look bad. Noone wants to get beat by a fat kid on a rigid singlespeed. Even if he is an Olympian.

Back home now with a fresh dose of stoke, I look forward to doing the same thing next week for seven days in a row with Sneddly at the BC Bike race. Lets just hope the whole getting out of bed the next day thing gets a little easier. I am going have to pack some extra coffee just to make sure. Now I think it is time for a nap, and more dreams. I hope I remember my shorts in this one.