I raced the WORS race this weekend at the Sunburst “ski area” outside Milwaukee. This was said to be the most hated course on the whole WORS circuit, and although I found it lacking in technical singletrack, it was still quite difficult.

Imagine a European cyclocross race doubled in distance and placed atop a 400 ft hill, and that was esemtially this mtb race. We climbed to the top of the hill on a steep, goey, smooth single track trail, then proceeded to wind our way up down and around the various grassy knolls and berms strewn along the hillside. Traction was abundent in account if my prototype Maxxis 29 wet conditions tires, and by the end of lap one it was apparent the race would become a tactical battle of wits.

We rode around for the first 4 laps of 5 slowly shedding riders from the front group until there were just two of us left.

Going into the final short climb before the decent to the finish I put on a perfectly timed effort and opened up enough daylight to ride in for a comfortable victory. As the race only lasted for an hour and a half, I decided to turn some extra laps as I prepare my mind and body for the up coming BC Bike Race.

Driving home we were greeted by intense thunder showers that will hopefully hang around for the remainder of the week and help charge my batteries back up for the 50 mile Test of Endurance next weekend in Oregon.

Then it’s on to do battle in the deep dark forests of British Columbia.

Thanks to everyone for all the support and don’t forget to flush!