Transrockies day 3. TR 3 is in the books. It was lots of fun. Fernie, BC has killer trails. Today they decided to take us on a tour of all the trails we hadn’t ridden yet. There were a lot of them. And they all either went straight up a mountain, or straight back down. That’s great if your in the mood for lots of climbing. I wasn’t. Kris was a little bit, but not as much as some of the other guys. We had fun playing with the bikes on the trails though, and finished the day off in true transrockies style with a dip in a glacial stream. I don’t think my nuts will forgive me for that one for at least another week. Tomorrow kicks off day one of TR4, and since most of the fast guys are going home now Kris and I are hoping for some good solid bike rides and a little podium face time. Let’s hope so at least. So far all we’ve been really fast at is descending. Both the mountain and the leader board. Time to HTFU and go get rad in the back country!


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