Transrockies day 2. Kris and I decided today that we are not, in fact, climbers. We tried our hardest, but some times even that isn’t quite enough. We both imploded at different points during the 2 hr climb that started they day, but ended up finishing together in the end. All the little scrawney guys were ahead of us when we reached the summit. Kris was even in front of me. I decided that, since one big pile is better than two little piles, I would ride the 1000 vertical foot descent with reckless abandon. It nearly worked. By the bottom I had brought back 2 minutes on Kris, and we were nearly back up with some of the little guys. Unfortunately we ran out of race course to finish the task off, but limited our losses, so as it sits I am locked in a fierce battle for 3rd with Kris a solid 5th going into the final day of the three day portion of the race. Let’s hope tomorrows saw toothed profile includes enough rad getting to keep us in the hunt. And, for those of you who were worried, Kris and I finished the day holding hands again, so I think our relationship is on the mend.