Barry Wicks is the best at keeping us in the loop when it comes to his racing exploits. We received this from his iPhone shortly after he and partner Kris Sneddon destroyed the competition at the BC Bike Race – Day 2

BCBR day two. Today was rad. Powell River has never before hosted a stage of BCBR, but it didn’t disappoint. A fast, slightly uphill 11km start section led into ripping, buff single track as we rolled our way to the high spot on course. By the first feed station we were a group of 6. Two euros, two solo guys and Kris and I. After a quick fluid check we bolted into the next section of trail. The deeper into the woods we got, the more technical the trails became. This suited us well, but not the euros. After following the French guy a little too long, Shep and Sager had grow a bit of a gap on us. Coming through the second feed station Kris and I realized our error and turned on the gas. Their 1:30 gap quickly disappeared and we were once again groupo compacto at the sharp end of things. Kris led us down the final timed “super d” section at about a million miles an hour and we blasted through town and across the line in just over 2 hrs, well ahead of the second place team and far ahead of the predicted finishing time. Now were headed down to the ocean to do a leg ice treatment and get ready for more single track slaying tomorrow. Until then, Nasty out

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