Transrockies day 4/1. Today was the fourth day of Transrockies, and the first day of TR4. After a long truck transfer racing got underway at noon under sunny skies. Kris and I were comfortably riding in the front group, and the we started to hear thunder in the distance and a dark cloud moving in. We immediately hit the gas and high tailed it for the finish line. I got a small gap on Kris going up the final climb, and since were still broken up I took no mercy on him and held it to the line. 30 seconds after Kris came in it started hailing and poring rain. Kris and I were all snuggled up in the massage tent by then though, so we weren’t to worried. We felt bad for the rest of the racers stuck out in the storm, but they all made it in. After our massage we set up our Kona compound, complete with tents, gutters, gravel tent pads and plenty of blankets. Hopefully the potter patter of rain will lull us into slumber and dawn will brake sunny and warm. Otherwise the next three days are going to totally suck. I might have to pee on my hands again, and that is gross!


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