Transrockies day 5/2. Today was hard, but totally awesome. We rode through 6 inches of accumulated hail, through mud puddles, up over a massive mountain and down the amazing trails on the other side. We saw deer, ate lots of Clif gels and emptied our Osprey packs of liquid. And then we had to ride 10 km over a paved mountain pass to get to the finish. After close to 4 hrs on the bike I came in about 3 minutes ahead of Sneddon, and many many minutes in front of third. Kris and I have a firm grasp on the top two steps of the podium going into the final two stages, but this is transrockies, and anything could happen. Tomorrow is another big day and the weather is still not really cooperating. We are looking forward to even more awesome bike riding and delicious beef steaks tomorrow at the dude ranch.


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