TransRockies day one. Kris and I don’t normally like to ride alone. This year TR decided to only offer up UCI points, and subsequently, prize money to the 3 day version of the race, and only to the solo category. That means Kris and I had to break up. That’s ok though. Like all relationships, sometimes time apart can make things even better. Were going to ride the last 4 stages also and probably get back together. Anyways, today was the stage 1 time trail. The course was a climb filled, singletrack affair, and loads of fun. Kris and I started 3rd and 4th with one minute intervals between. I went hard up the first huge climb, and quickly reeled in Kris. Then we reeled in the guy would started second. Kris had a tough patch in the middle and fell off the pace a little, but I was able to keep things rolling and took second on the stage behind an on form Max Plaxton. After a fun rip on the trails, tomorrow is serving up heaps of fun with an hour and a half long climb to start out the day. Luckily, that’s just what the doctor ordered and we are looking forward to the amazing views and adventure of the back country. Until then,

Nasty out