He’s taken matters into his own hands. Bought a chunk of land and a boatload of boards and is constructing a mega park. We catch up with Bas mid-build.

What are you building out there in your big backyard? How much land do you have to work with?

Well, lets just say it starts off with a 25-foot tall drop in…it’s not your average dirt jumps that’s for sure. Its on 30 acres right at the base of the Sierras.

Where and when did you get the original vision to do this?

I’ve always admired how TJ Lavin and Fuzzy Hall [famous BMX riders] had there own training facility in their backyard. That’s where it all started.

How long has it taken? What have been the biggest setbacks and challenges?

I’ve been working on it for about six months and the biggest setback is the dang weather! It will be 70 degrees one day and snowing the next. We also had 100 mph winds and it destroyed my roll in and all my ramps. Bummed!

Give us a sense of workload required? How much wood/dirt/man hours have gone into it?

I had a D4 dozer pushing dirt around for weeks and countless hours from friends and riders. Basically, I live out there.

How does an idea like begin to take shape? Did you draw it up, or are you just shootin’ from the hip?

Originally it was suppose to be a roll in and an eight pack, but I’ve gotten pretty carried away.

Are you pushing it with these jumps? Are they damn big or what? When you go to bed how do you imagine about the first time you drop in?

Like I said before, these are not your average dirt jumps. They’re big. I’ve already dropped in and it feels perfect.

When are you planning filming these babies?

Hopefully in May with the Freeride boys.

Give us a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish by building your own jumps? New tricks? More flow? The kids want to know.

The main reason I purchased this land was so I could train without it getting torn down and film in a scenic location. Taking matters into my own hands you could say.