BCBR day one. We knew today was going to be fast. The first day of any stage race always is. Everyone wants to make their mark early and put everyone else on notice. Today was even more that way because we had some euro pro’s in our midst, and everyone wanted to see if they could actually ride single track or not. It turns out they can. Mostly. After a ballistic fire road sprint into the first flat section of trail, a small group formed at the front. Kris, unfortunately was not in it. Opting to try a wide (wrong) line in the dash to the trail he had fallen behind about 30 people. Luckily he is such a single track slayer that he had bridged up to our pack of 7 by the start of the main climb of the day.

Predictably the euro pros went all fast and stuff up the climb, so after hanging onto their wheels for a little while I was glad to see Kris gapped of slightly so I had an excuse to get dropped to. We rode our own pace to the top of the Forbidden Plateau, grabbed a quick bottle, and then proceeded to get rad on the Hei Hei 29 for the next 30 minutes nailing sweet technical single track back down to the valley floor. This is when it became apparent that the euro pro’s could ride single track (mostly) because we didn’t see any of them dangling from trees or sliding on their asses down the rock faces. It turns out they aren’t too good at following course markings though and a few went off course for a stretch (probably why we didn’t see them doing the aforementioned activities).

After a brief fire road section across a clear cut we got back on the sweet BC nectar and rode blasting trails all the way to the finish line. We ended up 3rd overall on the stage and first in the team category, so a day well spent. Cory was able to hang tough all day and narrowly missed out on 3rd in the solo category in a sprint finish not far behind Kris and I. Now we’re all sitting around in our underwear and tight socks taking naps and getting excited for more single track slaying tomorrow.

Over and out.


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