Pure sport is a beautiful thing because of the way it unfolds with no script. While it takes place within the confines of certain rules and etiquette, the possibilities are still boundless. Nothing is certain.  Especially in stage racing. That much has been evident all week at the BC Bike Race._MRP2896

Stage racing is a game of saving your chips for when they will count for the most. But sometimes you’re dealt a tough hand or make a poor move and are forced to play your good chips even though you’d prefer to hold. Folding is not an option. Such was the case for Spencer this week, whose otherwise brilliant start was dashed by an big off-course blunder on Stage 2.  Far from being the end of Kona’s push for the top spot, this mishap set the stage for an exhilarating comeback push from 10 minutes down to within seconds of the yellow jersey. Meanwhile, Kris and Barry maintained an absolutely stalwart performance day in and day out, with Kris flying the yellow jersey across the Sunshine Coast stages until yesterday’s shakedown in North Vancouver._MRP8218


However you look at it, Stage 6 was a tough day for the Kona boys, with Spencer’s comeback push hitting a veritable wall, and Barry and Kris relinquishing some time on GC as well. That said, a tough day for the Kona boys has to be taken in stride considering they are all still sitting solidly in the top-5 going into the final day of the race. Day 7 will blast off from the Olympic Park in Whistler for a short but fierce lap around the rocky trails of the world famous adventure town. With a race day time of only 60-90 minutes, a major shakeup in the overall is unlikely unless something truly unexpected happens. And since this is bike racing…anything can happen! It’s still too soon to call. Let’s go boys!_MRP8239