Sunny skies and the driest trail conditions in Cumberland’s history greeted the riders for Stage 1 of the 2015 BC Bike Race. A rolling 8-mile, 1,600′ climb quickly sorted out the 600-rider peloton, and the Kona boys planted themselves at the front of the race from the gun. Spencer blazed into the lead 20-minutes in, taking a Rocky Mountain rider in tow as Barry and Kris notched in with a small chase group. After 30 miles and 3,600′ of scorching-hot climbs, Spencer rode to a commanding stage victory and into the leader’s jersey with nearly a 2-min buffer. Barry claimed 2nd on the day with an exciting sprint finish, and defending champion Kris stomped in for 4th.

image4 bcbr

Spencer leading it out on Stage 1 in Cumberland, BC. Photo: BCBR

After replenishing his lost fluids and burned calories, Kris can’t believe there are only six days left, and even wishes there were seven. Spencer, whose prancercise* routine seems to be working well for him, is keeping himself occupied while waiting for the ferry line. No official report yet on Dik Cox, but surely he is out hammering and stirring up lots of dust today.


The crusty aftermath from Kris Sneddon’s hot day on the trail.

Stage 2, with 32-miles and 3,300′ vert, starts and finishes in Powell River tomorrow. It is a course somewhat notorious for its extra-lumpy singletrack and dense woods. Be sure to check in for updates on the action at the Kona COG and also at the BC Bike Race media feeds (website, Instagram, Twitter).

image2 bcbr

Start of Stage 1 in Cumberland