A bike race isn’t much to read about without any drama and unexpected excitement. Today delivered just that for Stage 2 of BC Bike Race in Powell River, BC.

The day began smoothly, with Spencer riding off the front just a few minutes into the race, and building up nearly a 2-minute lead. Most unfortunately, the excitement started when he missed a critical turn somewhere past the halfway point of the race, erasing the nice lead on the stage, and ultimately dropping himself down about 7.5min in GC. That kind of mishap happens in mountain biking, but it’s still pretty harsh for a dude who majored in Geography! On the upside, Kris and Barry rode well and did a good job of following directions, sprinting in for 2nd and 3rd on the day, respectively, and putting themselves nicely in 2nd and 3rd overall.


Spencer drilling it solo off the front earlier in the race before looking for that extra 5km…now you’ve really got your work cut out for you, buddy!

With 5 mega days of racing left, the Kona crew is sitting in a good position. Barry and Kris are just building more steam. Meanwhile, Spencer is riding strong enough to have a good shot at making up for his untimely discombobulation and clawing his way back into the yellow jersey. In any event, it will be an exciting week to come.

Stage 3 begins tomorrow in Earls Cove and finishes in Sechelt. It’s the longest stage of the race with some of the most burly climbs. Onwards!