The final stage of the 2013 BC Bike Race blasted off from the Whistler Olympic Plaza on Saturday morning in a blur of orange and purple as Kris and Spencer took control of the 1,400′ climb out of the gate. The unrelenting Kona pain train shredded through the short but punchy course, joined only by the Great Dane Erik Skovaard Knudsen in the rocky maze of the Lost Lake trails. Just over an hour of racing had the three-person train sprinting out of the woods towards the finish line, each looking to put the finishing touch on an epic week of racing. In the final turn in was Paxson who prevailed, taking the final stage win and clinching second overall.

It may have been Spencer’s day, but there was no denying that the week belonged to Kris Sneddon and Wendy Simms, who each won the overall solo AND enduro competitions, or basically became the King and Queen of the “Ultimate Singletrack Experience!” Kris and Wendy put in commanding performances each day, and their success in the overall is a true testament to their mad MTB skills!

Oh, and for all you single ladies out there, the Kona team, on behalf of Kris (now affirmatively the greatest all-around mountain biker in BC) is sponsoring the “Ultimate Singleman Experience”, a seven day getaway on the Sunshine Coast riding the best that Kris has to offer.

Shout out to mechanic Dave who kept the team’s Hei Hei Supremes in supreme working condition. Dave’s wrench-wizardry, and the true quality of the Hei Hei resulted in zero mechanicals in 26 racer days!

In all, it was a tremendously successful week for the Kona Team, with an official award tally of the following:

11 stage wins
Lots of enduro stage wins
First Male Solo Overall – Kris
First Female Solo Overall – Wendy
First Male Enduro Overall – Kris
First Female Enduro Overall – Wendy
Second Male Solo Overall – Spencer
Second Male Enduro Overall – Eric Goss, Grassroots

Thank you to all who make this amazing event possible! Truly one of the best events in mountain biking.