Racing bikes can be competitive, but it’s nothing compared to a fierce rivalry between siblings. Racing lasts a day, weekend or season at most, while sibling rivalry lasts a lifetime. Rivalry that ensures no matter how hard you push it or what you achieve, there’s always somebody at the finish line with a scheme to one-up you and claim superiority. In a world of sibling rivalry, your time is never fast enough, nor will you ever air far enough. The goal is to remain friends at the end of the day, but even that isn’t a hard rule and exceptions are made when a win is on the line. Ryan and Becky Gardner are no strangers to some friendly competition, as their sibling rivalry pushes them to ride faster and achieve more both on and off the bike. No matter the sport or challenge, no one is safe when a full-on Gardner vs. Gardner competition unfolds. 

Hey Ryan, never forget…anything you can do, I can do better! Winner always gets the final word. Love, your forever-better sister Becky

Video by Aurelie Slegers .Thank you to the Telluride Bike Park for letting us film after hours and get that #lightbro and #lightsis! Ryan and Becky were shredding their Process 134’s and Process 153’s in Sibling RIvalry, You can find out more about the Process range HERE.