Last weekend Collegiate Nationals were held for the US, and Supergrass racer Becky Gardner cleaned house. Once the smoke (and snow and mud) cleared, Becky had a winning time a full 30 seconds faster than the second place finisher, truly dominating her field.

photo credit: by Jay Schultz

Read below for Becky’s write-up of her race weekend in North Carolina.
This past weekend I finished up my season at Collegiate Nationals at Beech Mountain, North Carolina. I was super stoked to go to the east coast because I miss the wet rocks and roots that we lack here in Durango. The weather at Beech was cold, snowy and wet, which was a little harsh since we left 60 and sunny back in Durango the day before. The course was better then I remembered and the fresh few inches of snow made qualifying a blast, however, only a few riders were enjoying the slippery conditions. Every rider there had about 3-4 layers on to stay warm.
Despite the freezing weather Qualifying went very well, as I gained about 24 seconds on the rest of the girls in my class. My run was smooth and I had a blast shredding in the snow and getting the first face shots of the season. Downhill finals were the following day and the sun came out and melted the snow into mud. Despite the muddy track the course was much faster and I ended up taking 16 seconds off my qualifying time and winning the DH by over 20 seconds claiming the national champion spot with a flawless run.
Coming from the Northeast where most races involve large amounts of rain or snow I was more than prepared for the crazy conditions. The course was a blast and I’m stoked to end the season on a great note and to take the top spot in collegiate DH for Fort Lewis College and Kona Bikes!