By Ambassador Rush Dhillon

When I first moved to Vancouver many years ago, I found that my mountain biking decreased in favour of more paved adventures. But before long I had to move to the midwest for work, and whenever a cycling enthusiast found out I was from Vancouver they would invariably say, “Woah!!! What was riding the North Shore like?!?!” To which I had to sheepishly reply that I had scarcely ridden those world-class trails.
I vowed I’d return and would not make that mistake again. I settled back in town a couple years ago and first things first, I got a Kona Libre, which has been incredible for the riding I love the most, which includes a mix of everything and lots of kilometres, shore trails and otherwise. And now I’m ready to level up my trail riding. I have placed a Process CR DL frame on order. I’m collecting the parts to adorn this frame. And while I wait, I dream of a new beginning.