For those that don’t know Beta Mag, is the second coming of Bike Magazine. As Bike was filming their Bible of Bike tests last year, the magazine publishers pulled the rug out from under them and closed it all down. Five of the key staff have now remerged at Beta Magazine and they managed to bring all the bike tests with them for the Beta Tests, and as you can see here they had the chance to ride the Process X DL. Among many of their positive comments, they praised the bikes ability to easily convert to a 27.5 rear wheel “It’s nice to see built-in mullet-ability that was considered in the design and not a bandaid compromise”

Where the Kona Process X did excel, however, was in exuding a sense of confidence and safety descending, with one tester going so far as to say it rode like, “it would take a bullet for me.” Now, there was a bit of disagreement describing its downhill personality, with one tester saying it was all business and another describing it as pure fun—two attributes not usually mentioned in the same sentence. This could be due in part to the fact that it’s so comfortable going fast, and for some speed is fun, while on the other hand, it’s long and stable which can indicate a more businesslike demeanor.

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