From PinkBike:

Hi Paul! What’s your take on the barrage of comments when the video first dropped on PB a couple of days ago?
I really appreciate the discussion. This is definitely not the first double backflip that has been done on a MTB. I give credit to my friend Greg Watts for that one…and we’ve talked about it in great length as I was preparing for this project. This project addressed a personal goal for me – to do what I believe is one of the most dangerous jumps, on a duel suspension bike, in the mountains versus on a course built by professionals. For me this was about the essence of mountain biking and progressing the sport at its roots. Yes, the lip of the jump was shaped by me because the success of a double relies on everything lining up perfectly…there is a very, very small margin for variations in this jump as those who have done or attempted will know. Call it what you like – big mountain double flip, back country doubleflip – either way, I’m stoked to have had the support and opportunity to accomplish something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. I look forward to celebrating with others who are progressing their riding in the mountains as well. Read More