This past weekend I had the chance to gather a gang of young Kamloops rippers and serve them with some rad times in the Kamloops Bike Ranch. Alongside my friends Aggy and Matt Miles, we spent two days hanging out and shredding bikes with our crew of campers as they learned the ins and outs of how to terrorize the Bike Ranch the same way we do.

It’s always surprising to see just how talented the kids around this area can be. Between 7 year old Jessie Munden laying down sweet skids around steep turns and 17 year old Dalton Anderson blasting over 10 feet out of hip lips, I was impressed with the entire turn out. Just about everyone took a dive into our foam pit and over half the kids were upside down with limbs flailing in each and every direction. The campers were full-tilt shredding to say the least!

Even more exciting than the action was how smoothly everything rolled along for the weekend. I’ve participated in my fair share of events like these and I feel pretty comfy claiming this as the most fun kids event I’ve had the chance to work on. Big thanks are owed to Kona, Bicycle Cafe, Sun Peaks Resort and Fox for making everything come together and sending all the campers home grinning. I can’t wait for the next one in July!