“The Process is best on steep and rough downhills. The kind where normally I would have questioned: “should I even try to ride that?” Seeing that this was a review bike, I shifted my attitude to “there’s one way to find out.” 

At Kona we are huge fans of creative cyclists, and over the last few years, Portland-based Bicycle Crumbs has been high on that list. His unique illustrations and strong opinions feature regularly on his Instagram feed, his illustrations have found their way on to the covers of magazines, wrapped a Transit van and featured on a series of pro-level skateboards. When the opportunity arose to get the hardtail Luddite a Process 153 CR 27.5 to review we were not about to turn him down.

We’d already had a little tease from him a while back when he dropped his first illustration and his early impressions. Yesterday he dropped his full review and his final finished, EPIC illustration.

You can find the full review HERE. Be warned you’ll need to make time to scroll right back through Bicycle Crumbs’ entire feed.