Long-time riding buddies Spencer and Donny have grown apart in their riding ways. One is the ultra XC hardtail guy and the other is stuck in a world of Downhill (and Rainer). How can they reconcile their differences? Fortunately Dr. Paddy White, a highly unlicensed therapist has just the thing: The all-new Hei Hei CR! This bike blends the best of XC and enduro into one lean machine. One ride and their woes are behind them! That’s what we call Bicycle Therapy.

The carbon Hei Heis provide 120mm of front and rear travel, but make no mistake—this bike can punch above its weight. We shot this project in Bellingham during some NASTY weather on some rowdy sections of trail and we were stoked to see how well the bike performed over and over again.

Lessons we learned during Bicycle Therapy

  • Yes, you can shotgun a beer while wearing a full-face helmet
  • Pedaling a downhill bike up a climbing trail is always funny to see
  • You can never have too many snacks
  • There’s no such thing as a waterproof camera
  • Always carry one full-size garbage bag on a shoot
  • In reaity Spencer Paxson can seriously rip on his hardtail, spandex or not
  • These guys can actually act decently well
  • None of the insults were scripted. Improve is alive and well!
  • Crashing on demand is highly entertaining
  • Bicycle fenders work really well to protect camera gear
  • No actual feelings were hurt during the making of this film

For more information about the carbon Hei Heis, be sure to visit Konaworld.com.

Video by Axl Fostvedt and Peter Wojnar. Edit by Joonas Vinnari. Photos by Tyler Deschaine. Thank you to the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and all of the local trail builders for the amazing trails!