A longtime sponsor of the race, Kona brought its team riders and fleet of big wheelers to the desert for four days of testing.

King Kahuna: Kona’s only carbon 29er, the $3,400 King Kahuna, was the perfect weapon for the fast, smooth course at 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo. The hardtail accelerates rapidly, but the carbon frame dampens trail chatter and takes the sting off of hard hits. The 16-inch frame we rode had a relatively slack 68.5-degree headtube, 12-inch-high bottom bracket, and 17.3-inch seat stays. It was quick and sure-footed, and held a tight line whether descending craggy rock faces or ripping around sandy corners. Solo champion Cory Wallace piloted the King Kahuna on many of his 18 laps around the course. Read more at Bicycling.com