The Vancouver-bred brand has a long history of producing top-selling DH and freeride bikes, but had lost its mojo recently. It hopes to change that and wrestle back some market share with its new Entourage, a freeride/park platform that is well suited for shuttle runs and gravity parks like Whistler.

With 170mm of travel, the bike is plush, yet remains nimble thanks to short 16.3mm chainstays. Oversize pivot bearings withstand heavy abuse while also adding some lateral rigidity. The bike uses a massive 17mm main pivot and the linkage pivots use to rows of bearings to increase stiffness and eliminate binding. The Entourage comes in two models. The Entourage Deluxe show here costs $4,100 and weighs 37 pounds (size large); the standard Entourage sells for $2,800 and tips the scales at 37.5 pounds.