Not just an excuse to throw buzzwords in your face, the 160mm of suspension paired with a modernly moderate enough 475mm reach (on a large) ends up feeling both confident and versatile.” 

Bike Magazine‘s Satchel Cronk spent most of the lockdown holed up on a private ranch in Southern California. He’d already spent a ton of time digging and sculpting some seriously photogenic trails, but figured a Kona Remote 160 would aid in the speed at which he could test the trails and transport his tools to and from his lockdown work site. When he requested the bike in the first place we obviously obliged, in fact when we recently asked how much longer he’d be needing it and could we get it back soon, the short answer was “no”. So, we granted Satchel and Bike Magazine a generous extension. Who are we to stand in the way of trail building progress?

Anyway, Satchel has posted a fantastic write up on the bike and how it’s helped him over on Bike Magazine’s website. You can check it out in full HERE.