Nicole Femosa

Nicole Formosa

Bike Magazine has just posted up their Tester’s Choices from the this years Bible of bike reviews on their website, it seems that the Process 134 won over Managing Editor Nicole Formosa as it provided her with the biggest GPP factor. Read on to find out what that even means!

From Bike Magazine I based my pick of the litter on the bike that delivered the best GPP, a value derived from the highly scientific ‘grins per pedal’ ratio. That was the Kona Process 134. It wasn’t the lightest of the bunch, or the prettiest, but it was so much fun. My tires rarely leave the ground and I actually think I whipped off one of the jumps. Well, probably not, but it sure felt like I was flying. I also appreciate Kona’s approach in marketing a rad bike toward lighter riders in general, eliminating the surface-level changes that sometimes come when labeling a bike ‘women’s-specific.’ This meant the bars were wide enough, the parts were up to snuff and the aesthetics weren’t overly feminine.