Sporting 140mm front and 130mm of rear travel, the Satori is one of the new breed of bigger-hit 29er trail bikes, having burst onto the scene in 2012. With its big wheels, longer travel and nimble handling, at first glance the Satori appears to be ideal for the UK gravity enduro racer.

You’d expect this bike to ride well in all situations – and for the most part it doesn’t disappoint. At 33lb (14.8kg) although it’s not the lightest bike in the world, the 29 inch wheels and 26×36 lowest gear make climbing on a range of surfaces perfectly acceptable. In ‘Trail’ mode, pushing a higher gear out of the saddle does induce energy-sapping bob, but with the shock in ‘Climb’ this is mitigated – you’ve just got to remember to switch it on and off. At speed though, hitting short power climbs in a lowish gear, even in ‘Trail’ mode, it was a very capable climber, with the rear wheel offering plenty of traction on looser surfaces.

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