Kona Bicycle Company is local for me – Ferndale/ Bellingham, WA – and I have always wondered about their “tribe”. Their recent product launch was my chance to see what they’re all about, what products they had on tap and what technology they are expecting for the future.

Kona is a grass-roots, hard-core rider driven company with an emphasis on pleasing a rider who wants a long lasting, durable yet sleekly designed steed. The company’s new ‘non-slogan’-slogan is “The year of the long sweet ride” and from the look and feel of things they are on the right track.

Kona is making a big push to utilize carbon fiber but doing so with caution. They want to take things slowly to ensure high quality and fewer problems due to rushing to jump onto a band-wagon and then dealing with consequential returns and warranty issues… Not a bad idea!

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