We love seeing what people get up to with their Kona bikes – especially when they’re doing things that have never been done before. A while back we sent Skyler Des Roches of Bikepacking.com our Big Honzo DL for review. Skyler is a well-known pioneer in the bikepacking world, seeking out uncharted overland routes and putting his equipment to the test in tough, real world circumstances.

Skyler is currently riding the Big Honzo DL on the North Shore attempting to shake the production Albert into submission.

Skyler works closely with the folks at Porcelain Rocket, makers of high quality bikepacking gear in Calgary, AB. As one of Porcelain Rocket’s beta testers, Skyler takes prototype product out into the unknown and rides it until it falls apart – sometimes catastrophically. With the Big Honzo, Skyler has the perfect platform to test Porcelain Rocket’s new dropper post-compatible seat pack, named Albert.

Innovation through iteration.

Over at Bikepacking.com, Skyler has written up his experience with the R&D process of the Albert seat pack in great detail. It’s an interesting read, and a window into the dedication that innovators like Porcelain Rocket have to improving or enhancing our experience of bike travel. We’re so happy to have Skyler on the Big Honzo, and look forward to reading his long term review of the bike.

Check out a few more photos below, and head over to Bikepacking.com to read the Albert’s development story.

The Albert employs a removable dry bag.

Skyler testing on the Colorado Trail earlier this fall.

The Big Honzo DL, all packed up and ready to shred!