“The parts spec and overall design scream cross-country race machine, but certain aspects of the bike, including its progressive (for an XC bike) geometry and tire clearance, push it into a category of its own—what Kona describes as “fun-country.””

Cass at BikePacking.com‘s has teased a few photos of the loaded Hei Hei CR DL over the last few months, it really got us excited to read his full review. Well he published it today and it was most definitely worth the wait, Cass’s honest and objective review captures all the awesomeness that we packed into our latest “fun country” iteration of the carbon Hei Hei platform.

“The Hei Hei is a super-capable cross-country speed machine that rarely feels out of place. It’s responsive, lightweight, and fast as hell. It’s the type of bike I’d want to show up to a bikepacking race with and would make a perfect rig for events where a hardtail is suitable, but full-suspension would be nice, and you want to keep your setup as light as possible. Effortlessly linking gravel roads and singletrack together was refreshing, and having space for a big frame bag was a bonus for long days on the bike.”

You can check out the full Hei Hei CR DL review Here.