By Ambassador Josh Rizzo

This is the story of 10 Wisconsin guys heading to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a 4-day bikepacking trip in the summer of 2021.

We largely followed the route of The Crusher bike race route and spread it over 4 days biking and 3 days camping.

Matt and I nicknamed the U.P. “The Forgotten Peninsula” because of how often people and businesses all over the country either forget to include it on maps or incorrectly label it as part of Wisconsin.

Examples of businesses forgetting to include the Upper Peninsula with Michigan:
1. Mountain Dew

2. Jeep

3. Saturday Night Live

4. Fox News

And not a business, but UP residents showing their displeasure of being forgotten. Don’t worry UP, we at Kona love you all!

Voiceover: Matt Sorensen
Opening Track: Matt Sorensen
Drone & GoPro Footage: John Miller @hamerstix
Miscellaneous Footage: Phil Carlson